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Bryan Calvo Republican Tax Collector Miami Dade County Election

Bryan Calvo

Making Your Money Work For You



My promise: make every dollar count.

In an effort to bring a conservative, fiscally responsible voice to one of Miami-Dade County's most important offices, I am officially entering the race to be the county's next Tax Collector. This is a crucial moment for Miami-Dade County's 2.6 million residents, all of whom are facing an unprecedented affordability crisis and sky-rocketing insurance premiums. Imposing additional property taxes on an already economically strained community is not the answer. 

I am ready to advocate on behalf of county residents and robustly address inefficiencies and root out any hint of bad management within the office of Tax Collector while enhancing our community outreach, increasing public education efforts, and improving resident-focused programming. 

I will work tirelessly to improve customer service through innovation and the responsible application of new technologies to ensure the office of Tax Collector is working effectively. 

It is imperative to approach tax policy with cool heads and a conservative perspective, prioritizing responsible financial management. Getting into more debt to solve an affordability problem is like nailing jelly to a tree to stop it from wobbling. 

In the next several months, I will share more plans and ideas that address how I will tackle these issues as Tax Collector. I will work to earn your trust and support through the substance of my vision, leadership and policy ideas.

Bryan Calvo Republican Tax Collector Miami Dade County

This proposed Tax Bond will have a severe impact on our community. With already soaring prices, a tax increase of this magnitude would be devestating for families in Miami-Dade County

Introduced by Democrat Daniella Levine Cava, this exorbitant tax bond is an example of irresponsible spending causing the majority of families and local businesses to struggle.


Take the next step in protecting our future.

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